Narakku’s Book Recommendations

The Dresden Files


Hello dear readers. This is the first part of some of my favorite book series. These are not necessarily the best books but my favorite books to read. Today we are going to start with my favorite series of all time. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The Dresden files is an Urban fantasy novel (means it set in current time, think Angel or Supernatural).

The premise revolves around a Wizard working as a Private investigator in Chicago. Now the series starts out very much as a Crime Noir novel. A lot of detective work (albeit with magic) and femme fatales.


But as the series adds new characters and builds out its world it becomes much more. Book 12 (appropriately called Changes) blows up the whole series and turns it in to a full fledged fantasy series.

What makes me love it is the characters, the humor (Dresden humor lines up with my own) and the very well thought out world and magic system. The books are short and feel very much like episodic TV shows. When reading it, feels like you could see yourself in the world.

Now this book series isn’t perfect. The first couple are really not that good, I would highly recommend you start with book 3 as the first two are more like prologues then actual books and you can read them without missing the bigger picture. The whole series sometimes feels like a TV show, you want more :). The best anime analogy I can up with is Cowboy Bebop. Is it perfect? no. But the tapestry of the show and books pulls you in and when you just want some good old comfort media, it hits the spot. Their are currently 15 books with 2 more due to be released this year.

P.S. There is a Sci-fi 1 season tv show adaptation made awhile ago. Its not very good, it has its moments but its probably not worth watching less your already a fan.